After raising their son and daughter, Kurt and PL Mondloch decide to circumnavigate the world aboard their sloop, the Osprey. As they prepare for their voyage in San Francisco, they receive a disturbing message. Their son, on a backpacking expedition to India, has gone missing.

Kurt flies to the Indian Himalayas to try and find him, sparking a major international investigation and draggging the family into a world they never imagined. Eventually an overseas phone call destroys the couple's fragile cocoon of hope-their son and his girlfriend were swept away by a monsoon-swollen river.

Reeling from the death of their son, Kurt and PL must make a choice: either to mourn endlessly or move on with life.

The couple decides to sail around the world as a balm for their spirits and as a tribute to their late son. Over the course of almost seven years and an incredible journey of 40,000 miles, their phenomenal memories and fresh horizons help extinguish the pain and recharge their lives.



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