Beginning with a celebration of life, Flight of the Osprey is a gripping and perceptive travel memoir about a couple’s inspirational passage through the fifth decade of their lives.

You will discover:

  • Life as a vagabond—personal glimpses into life aboard a 42-foot sloop as her crew circumnavigates the globe.

  • Healing is never an easy journey—the process has more than its share of abrupt reversals, detours, starts, and mad dashes.

  • A grand travel adventure in the gentler world of pre 9/11—not a logbook of heroic posturing.

  • A gripping account of relationships and experiences that crosses the neatly defined nonfiction concepts of adventure, travel, and drama

  • Letting go is a difficult but necessary precursor to moving forward with life.

  • Unexpected lessons taught by visiting the diverse cultures of 50 other countries.


  • I am frequently called upon to help the families cope with the grief over loss of a loved one. It was an inspiration to read about a couple who were able to deal with their worst nightmare and move on with lives while holding sacred the memory of their son. For those of us who have faced such a tragedy, and for those who unfortunately will, this book is a must read. —Eugene S. Lapin, Director of Cardiovascular Services of Multicare Health Systems.

  • What begins as a classic sea adventure to discover new landfalls becomes a couple’s journey to discover uncharted territories with their souls. A compelling tale of love, loss, and spiritual discovery. —C. Mark Anderson, clinical psychologist.

  • Excitement and philosophical insights are constant companions as the author takes us places we can only hope to someday visit. —Jerry D. McKellar, nationally acclaimed artist and sculptor.

  • A fascinating and well-crafted account that captures the mystique of long distance sailing and the essence of exotic ports. —Terry Hammond, navigator aboard Australia’s America Cup challenger Gretel.


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